February 2020 | Keith Prince AM

Policing: Keeping It Special

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The special constabulary has been in decline for several years. At the same time, we have seen decreases in the number of police officers, an increase in crime, and the emergence and growth of more complicated criminal activity. By utilising and growing the special constabulary, the MPS can create a larger and more dynamic workforce to serve the needs of Londoners.

March 2019 | Susan Hall AM

In Harm's Way: Protect Our Police


Police officers are our first line of protection in London and perform an outstanding job every day, protecting both us and our city. However, violent crime has increased so has violence and attacks against police officers. Assaults on police officers have increased by a staggering 81.9 per cent. There are simple and easy methods to reduce the risk to the police and we owe it to our officers to put their protection at the forefront of what we do.

July 2018 | Steve O'Connell AM

Artificial Intelligence: A New Era In Policing


Artificial Intelligence can not only help solve the problems faced by the MPS, but it also has the potential to improve outcomes. It will give Londoners a better police service that is equipped to deal with modern and old threats alike.

January 2018 | Shaun Bailey AM

Londoners' Lives Matter: Reversing The Rise In Knife Crime


This report provides an overview of the evidence around violence prevention, breaks down the Mayor’s Knife Crime Strategy, and proposes recommendations that could form the core of a greatly improved knife crime prevention strategy.

August 2016 | Gareth Bacon AM

Safe And Secure: Protecting London's Data


Cybercrime is no longer the preserve of the perceived lone wolf bedroom hacker, and nor is cyber security the preserve of just large multinational companies’ IT Departments. The inherent and simultaneous benefits and risks of modern digital networks mean that the ability to protect data should be at the heart of all organisations. London has the opportunity to lead the way in improving data security, setting standards that the rest of the country aspires to match.


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