Transport Reports

March 2022 | Nick Rogers AM

Outer London transport provision is not fit for purpose. For too long, current transportation failings and future needs are not properly considered when areas are developed. This report calls first for a plan for South West London and then for a joined-up, yet decentralised stategy for all of outer London. London does not start and stop at the border, transport should be designed to reflect that reality.


Spaghetti South Western: Untangling Transport In South West London

September 2020 | Keith Prince AM

TfL is facing an existential crisis. Steady as she goes will not work. There is an undoubted need for the Mayor and TfL to be bold, to recognise and correct past mistakes and to swiftly adapt to the new normal. This report examines some of the most pressing issues facing London’s transport provision, analyses the response to the crisis from the Mayor and TfL, and provides recommendations on lessons to learn and future operations. 

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Derailed: Getting London's Transport Back On Track

March 2020 | Andrew Boff AM

This report seeks to explore the problems Londoners face when using London’s transport network South of the River and makes recommendations to the Mayor for how he can improve the situation. South London has historically been at a disadvantage in terms of public transport and it is about time this issue was brought forward and the Mayor take some action to right this inequality.


Bridging The Gap: Tackling Transport Inequality South Of The River

September 2019 | Tony Arbour AM

This report sets out the problems facing HS2 including whether we need it, the cost of the scheme, the scope of the project/benefit, capacity, lack of connectivity and the impact on the environment. This document contains two proposals; that the money spent on HS2 should be part allocated towards delivering Crossrail 2, and the rest on Northern Powerhouse Rail so that both the north and south of the country benefit.


High Speed Fail: An Alternative Plan To HS2

June 2019 | Gareth Bacon AM

This report focuses on why the Mayor would be wrong to try and introduce road pricing to London. It underlines why such a policy would be unfair on poorer Londoners and unfair on Outer Londoners, and it looks at what we can learn from the problems that have already become apparent with regard to 2021’s planned Ultra-Low Emission Zone extension to the North and South Circulars.


Highway Robbery: The Case Against Road Pricing In London

February 2018 | Keith Prince AM

Given London’s expanding population and the difficulty in terms of both financing and feasibility of increasing London’s road space, there is a clear need to make more efficient use of existing road space. Although there are a number of ways in which this might be done, many of those options involve trying to price people out of their cars – which is both illiberal and likely to lead to a great many unintended consequences. An alternative approach is to seek to significantly expand the membership, usage and availability of car clubs in London. 


Cutting Congestion: The Case For Car Clubs