Back our plan to invest £50 million
in ULEZ scrappage schemes

On 25 October 2021, Sadiq Khan is expanding the Ultra Low Emission Zone up to the North and South circulars. That's 18 times the size of the existing zone - and it will slap 140,000 Londoners a day with a £12.50 charge for driving in our city.

It's a tax on Londoners' livelihoods, public services and charities. It will hammer small businesses which rely on their vans, NHS staff and care workers who drive because of shift work, and charities such as faith groups and disability clubs that use minibuses. 

We've campaigned to stop Khan's ULEZ charge, but he's committed to it going ahead. The Mayor fails to understand that many Londoners have no choice but to drive in London. And that many can't afford his ULEZ charge - or to buy a new vehicle, especially during a pandemic.

That's why we're calling on the Mayor to invest £50 million into Transport for London's ULEZ scrappage schemes to help Londoners scrap their older vehicles and avoid the charge.

Our plan could help thousands of Londoners switch to cleaner vehicles ahead of ULEZ expansion, saving them from Khan's bill while cleaning up our city's air. 

Currently, two of TfL's scrappage schemes for vans, minibuses and heavy vehicles are suspended, leaving sole traders, small businesses and charities with no support. 


TfL's only open scheme, which offers grants to low-income and disabled Londoners, is running low on cash.  Only a third of people who applied to scrap their car or motorcycle using this scheme have received a grant.

Using City Hall's Business Rate Reserve, our proposal would reopen the scrappage schemes for vans, minibuses, and heavy vehicles and expand the scheme for cars and motorcycles.

But, we need your support. Sadiq Khan isn't listening to Londoners who can't afford his daily ULEZ charge or a new vehicle. Unless the Mayor adopts our plan, he will leave thousands of Londoners without help as the zone expands.

So, please sign the petition to back our plan to invest £50 million in ULEZ scrappage schemes. Let's help Londoners switch to cleaner vehicles and avoid Khan's charge.

Thank you for your support!

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