Other Reports

January 2019 | Steve O'Connell AM

While some charities continue to encourage the export of street dogs from Romania and other countries and the financing of shelters and veterinary fees in those countries, they may be encouraging the proliferation of such dogs and their suffering rather than attacking the root cause. It might be better to concentrate on schemes tackling the problem with longer-term in-country operations concentrating on neutering programmes and other tactics designed to prevent the problem arising in the first place.


Charity Begins At Home

November 2017 | Susan Hall AM

London’s rodent population is on the rise. Evidence presented in this report shows local authorities and pest control firms in the capital received over 186,000 complaints relating rodents over the past five years. That’s more than 100 per day - and the problem is getting worse.


Rat Land: London's growing rodent problem

September 2017 | Steve O'Connell AM

We are a nation of animal lovers and many households own a pet dog or cat. A companion animal is particularly attractive to those who live by themselves. Most people prefer to purchase a puppy rather than an adult dog because of the appeal of a cuddly small animal. Sadly, some purchasers are deceived into buying puppies from on-line dealers selling trafficked animals brought in from abroad, particularly eastern Europe, under the PETS Scheme.


Sick Puppy: An examination of the puppy trafficking trade in London