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GLA Conservative Reports

As well as scrutinising the Mayor's decisions and policies, we also suggest better alternatives. Our reports highlight ways to improve London within all the areas within Mayor's remit.

Recent reports

Full Disclosure - Taking Action Against Domestic Abuse within London’s LGBT+ Community.png
May 2022 | Nick Rogers AM

A new report highlights LGBT+ domestic abuse cases on the rise, up 31% since 2016. They account for arround 1% of domestic abuse cases which further exposes the chasm between reported cases and the high percentage (38.4%) of the LGBT+ community who have experienced domestic abuse at some point in their lives. The Mayor needs to instruct MOPAC to take the necessary critical steps to truly tackle domestic abuse.

Junk food ad ban.png
March 2022 | Emma Best AM

A new report exposing the epic failings of the TfL junk food ad ban, reveals that childhood obesity continues to grow in the capital. The report calls on the Mayor to produce an urgent action plan to address the startling drop in children at a healthy weight.

March 2022 | Nick Rogers AM

Outer London transport provision is not fit for purpose. For too long, current transportation failings and future needs are not properly considered when areas are developed. This report calls first for a plan for South West London and then for a joined-up, yet decentralised stategy for all of outer London. London does not start and stop at the border, transport should be designed to reflect that reality.

March 2021 | Susan Hall AM

This report will highlight some of the issues disabled Londoners have faced during this mayoralty and examine the Mayor’s record in supporting and including disabled Londoners. From this, we will recommend some simple actions the Mayor can take now to help break down barriers for disabled people in London and build a more inclusive city.

Breaking Down Barriers.jpg

Breaking Down Barriers: London More Inclusive For Disabled Londoners

March 2021 | Shaun Bailey AM

London’s rodent population is on the rise. Evidence presented in this report shows local authorities and pest control firms in the capital received over 186,000 complaints relating rodents over the past five years. That’s more than 100 per day - and the problem is getting worse.

Breathing Space.jpg

Breathing Space: Cleaning Up London's Air

Cost of Khan: 5 Years Of Failure

March 2021 | Susan Hall AM

For five years, Sadiq Khan has pleaded poverty, passed blame and avoided responsibility instead of delivering for London. He’s acted like a commentator on our nation’s politics rather than a politician focused on delivering positive changes for the world’s greatest city. This report to strips away Khan's spin and delves into the figures to reveal the truth about his time in office: Sadiq Khan is the worst Mayor of London we have ever seen.


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