As well as scrutinising the Mayor's decisions and policies, we also suggest better alternatives. By writing and publishing reports we aim to highlight ways to improve London within all the areas under the Mayor's control.


January 2020 | Steve O'Connell AM

Charity Begins At Home


While some charities continue to encourage the export of street dogs from Romania and other countries and the financing of shelters and veterinary fees in those countries, they may be encouraging the proliferation of such dogs and their suffering rather than attacking the root cause. It might be better to concentrate on schemes tackling the problem with longer-term in-country operations concentrating on neutering programmes and other tactics designed to prevent the problem arising in the first place.

September 2019 | Tony Arbour AM

High Speed Fail: An Alternative Plan To HS2


This report focuses on why the Mayor would be wrong to try and introduce road pricing to London. It underlines why such a policy would be unfair on poorer Londoners and unfair on Outer Londoners, and it looks at what we can learn from the problems that have already become apparent with regard to 2021’s planned Ultra-Low Emission Zone extension to the North and South Circulars.

August 2019 | Andrew Boff AM

The Full Spectrum: Making London Autism Friendly


Autism is a hugely diverse and complex condition that affects thousands of people across London. It is currently estimated that there are around 88,000 autistic people living in London. A much wider group of people will live with, work with or come into contact with autistic people day in, day out, across London. Given that autism affects so many people in London, it should be vital to strive for an autism friendly city. An autism friendly city should be a place that is not only accessible for autistic people but enables them to lead fulfilling and independent lives. This will not only benefit autistic people and their families and carers, but will also benefit wider society, so that London can become a more inclusive and cohesive environment for those on the autism spectrum.



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