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Environment Reports

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The Race To Net Zero

December 2021 | Tony Devenish AM

This report has highlighted the fantastic work other regional mayors are doing in terms of training people in green skills, investment in zero emission vehicles manufacturing and the development of alternative renewable energy sources. It shows far from just talking the talk on environmental policy, it is other regional mayors who are walking the walk such as Ben Houchen with the hydrogen hub in Tees Valley and Andy Street supporting Coventry to be the first city in the country to have a zero emission bus fleet.

March 2021 | Shaun Bailey AM

London’s rodent population is on the rise. Evidence presented in this report shows local authorities and pest control firms in the capital received over 186,000 complaints relating rodents over the past five years. That’s more than 100 per day - and the problem is getting worse.

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Breathing Space: Cleaning Up London's Air

September 2018 | Susan Hall AM

This report sets out the problem of fly-tipping in London including the scale, costs, types of waste and the behaviours that lead to the illegal dumping of waste. It contains proposals on how the Mayor can play a role in assisting local authorities with tackling fly- tipping so that both levels of government in London can deliver on their priorities. 


Cleaning Up London

October 2017 | Shaun Bailey AM

Improving London’s air quality is at the forefront of the Mayor of London’s environment and transport strategies. This issue has grown in importance over recent years, not just for health professionals and politicians, but for the general public as well.


Clearing The Air: A More Targeted Approach To Tackling London's Pollution Problem

January 2017 | Gareth Bacon AM

This report will assess Sadiq Khan's proposals, making clear their benefits and disadvantages. It will set out an alternative ‘ULEZ Plus’ approach, combining the central London ULEZ that had been planned by the previous Mayoral administration with a raft of additional measures that are better targeted at London’s pollution hotspots. This wouldmake up an ambitious but deliverable programme to radically improve London’s air quality that would be quicker to implement, cheaper for the taxpayer and more effective for Londoners than Mayor Khan’s plans.


A Breath Of Fresh Air: A Better Approach To Improving London's Air Quality