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Covid-19: City Hall Tories call for Khan to use police to enforce coronavirus rules on Tube

Updated: Apr 8

Sadiq Khan must call in the police to enforce coronavirus lockdown on the London Underground say City Hall Tories after thousands of Londoners defy the rules to pile on the Tube.

In a letter to the Mayor of London, GLA Conservative Leader Susan Hall AM asked the Mayor to deploy police officers to ensure only essential workers are using the Tube. The letter calls for police officers to:

  • Check who is commuting to prevent non-critical workers travelling.

  • Record which non-essential employers are forcing their workers to commute unnecessarily.

  • Implement crowd control measures which are used for football and concerts to prevent crowded platforms. 

The letter comes after two days of shocking photos showing many Londoners standing on crowded platforms and packed in like sardines on the Tube despite instructions to stay at home.

Susan Hall AM commented: “London’s NHS workers need to use the Tube, but too many Londoners are flouting the rules and turning it into a petri dish for coronavirus. Sadiq Khan must deploy police officers to stop Londoners making unnecessary journeys on the Tube.

 “Sadiq Khan should use the police to bolster the dwindling number of Tube staff to stop non-critical workers making unnecessary journeys, implement crowd control measures, and check which employers are forcing staff to commute.

 “Every Londoner who piles onto the Tube unnecessarily risks spreading the virus and overwhelming our wonderful NHS, putting thousands of lives at risk.”


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