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Keith Prince AM comment: Bakerloo Line strike

GLA Conservative Transport Spokesman, Keith Prince AM said: “The Mayor’s infamous promise that there would be zero days of strikes during his time in office will certainly ring hollow this weekend as this disruptive and unnecessary industrial action means that Londoners find it harder to get around our city.

“To make matters worse, this strike is due to happen as the same time as planned engineering works on no fewer than FIVE lines. This is not just bad industrial relations from the Mayor, but also terrible planning.

“Over the past four years Londoners have had to pay the price for the Mayor’s complete inability to prevent strikes from taking place. Far from there being zero strikes since 2016, Khan has the worst average strikes record of any Mayor of London since the office was created twenty years ago.

“The unions know that they can walk all over Sadiq Khan and get away with it. London deserves better than this."


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