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Fact Check: Did Sadiq Khan Build A Record Number Of Affordable Homes? No.

Updated: Feb 4

The Mayor regularly claims to have started a record number of affordable homes in London. This simply isn't true and here's why.

As Mayor, Sadiq Khan claims to have started 14,544 affordable homes in financial year 2018/19. However, this number isn't accurate nor a record. 

Sadiq Khan justifies calling this a record because he claims that the Mayor only took over responsibility for housing in 2012.

However, before then Boris Johnson was still in charge of London's housing policy and funding as Chairman of the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) London Board.

It is in fact Boris Johnson who holds the record affordable housing starts in London as he started 15,629 in 2009/10 and 16,351 in 2010/11. He did so without the significant grant that Sadiq Khan has received from the government to build more homes in London. 



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