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Andrew Boff Comment: Government Fixes Khan's Draft London Plan

Andrew Boff AM, GLA Conservative Housing Spokesman, commented: “We welcome the Government’s decision to amend Sadiq Khan’s disastrous draft London Plan and end the Mayor’s war on the suburbs. The Mayor’s damaging proposals would have restricted building on large swathes of brownfield land, de-prioritised family-sized homes, and fail to deliver the number of homes Londoners’ desperately need.

“The Government’s decision to abandon Sadiq Khan’s ludicrous “no net loss” policy on strategic industrial land is particularly welcome. This damaging policy would have effectively banned building on large swathes of brownfield land exactly when we need to be stepping up housebuilding across London.

“360,000 children are living in overcrowded conditions in London. We need a plan to help them into larger, affordable homes, not continue their plight. Khan’s plan to de-prioritise larger homes would make overcrowding worse and make London a family free city. It’s right that the Government have amended the Mayor’s plan to recognise the need for more family-sized homes.

“Sadiq Khan’s housing record is appalling. He’s only completed just over 12,000 homes in four years despite having an unprecedented grant of £4.82 billion to build 116,000. On Khan’s watch, the housing crisis has intensified with house prices soaring compared to Londoners’ incomes. For too many Londoners, homeownership is a pipe dream, and unless the Mayor changes track completely, a generation of young Londoners will not own their home.”


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