September 2019 | Tony Arbour AM

High Speed Fail: An Alternative Plan To HS2


This report sets out the problems facing HS2 including whether we need it, the cost of the scheme, the scope of the project/benefit, capacity, lack of connectivity and the impact on the environment. This document contains two proposals; that the money spent on HS2 should be part allocated towards delivering Crossrail 2, and the rest on Northern Powerhouse Rail so that both the north and south of the country benefit.

June 2019 | Gareth Bacon AM

Highway Robbery: The Case Against Road Pricing In London


This report focuses on why the Mayor would be wrong to try and introduce road pricing to London. It underlines why such a policy would be unfair on poorer Londoners and unfair on Outer Londoners, and it looks at what we can learn from the problems that have already become apparent with regard to 2021’s planned Ultra-Low Emission Zone extension to the North and South Circulars.

February 2018 | Keith Prince AM

Cutting Congestion: The Case For Car Clubs


Given London’s expanding population and the difficulty in terms of both financing and feasibility of increasing London’s road space, there is a clear need to make more efficient use of existing road space. Although there are a number of ways in which this might be done, many of those options involve trying to price people out of their cars – which is both illiberal and likely to lead to a great many unintended consequences. An alternative approach is to seek to significantly expand the membership, usage and availability of car clubs in London. 

October 2017 | Shaun Bailey AM

Clearing The Air: A More Targeted Approach
To Tackling London's Pollution Problem


Improving London’s air quality is at the forefront of the Mayor of London’s environment and transport strategies. This issue has grown in importance over recent years, not just for health professionals and politicians, but for the general public as well.

July 2017 | Tony Devenish AM

The Road Ahead: Cutting London's Congestion Without Penalising Drivers

With the publication of the Mayor’s Transport Strategy, there is renewed focus on the need to reduce London’s congestion. However the strategy gives every indication of viewing motorists as a cash cow, and the potential introduction of ‘Pay as you go’ (PAYG) road user charging as a panacea that can fill any financial hole. There is an urgent need to offer an alternative approach that accepts congestion is a problem, but which does not attempt to punish those who need to drive.

February 2017 | Keith Prince AM

Struck Out 2: Judgement Day


It is nearly four years since Richard Tracey, my predecessor as the GLA Conservatives’Transport Spokesman, wrote the Struck Out report. Struck Out considered how best to deal with damaging strike action and whether the status quo was acceptable. This report will consider what has changed in that time and whether Struck Out’s recommendations are still appropriate in 2017.

January 2017 | Gareth Bacon AM

A Breath Of Fresh Air: A Better Approach To Improving London's Air Quality


This report will assess Sadiq Khan's proposals, making clear their benefits and disadvantages. It will set out an alternative ‘ULEZ Plus’ approach, combining the central London ULEZ that had been planned by the previous Mayoral administration with a raft of additional measures that are better targeted at London’s pollution hotspots. This wouldmake up an ambitious but deliverable programme to radically improve London’s air quality that would be quicker to implement, cheaper for the taxpayer and more effective for Londoners than Mayor Khan’s plans.

August 2016 | Keith Prince AM

Crowdfunding Transport: Using Technology To Fund Public Transport Upgrades


Transport for London (TfL) is seeing its budget reduced even as London’s population rises. Given this, there is an ever greater need to find new ways to raise revenue. This report focuses on one possibility: the idea that crowdfunding might allow Londoners to help contribute directly and make much needed projects happen.


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